What Is the History of Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills?


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The Forest Lawn is one of the six lawn cemeteries in Southern California. The Park is dedicated to American history and hosts annual historical events, such as the Veterans Day ceremony.

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The first Forest Lawn was founded in 1906 by businessmen who hired Dr. Hubert Eaton to create it. Eaton believed that most cemeteries were "unsightly, depressing stone yards," and wanted to create one that would bring joy and hope to the idea of death. He wanted the park to be a historical reminder of what America was, and to preserve the memory of those who died in something other than a grim stone void of beautiful architecture.

The Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills is located close to Griffith Park, and is an artfully designed landscape that is meant to showcase a unique collection of American and Mesoamerican artwork, including giant statues of presidents including Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. The lawn also plays home to historic artifacts from the Olmec, Aztec and Mayan Indian civilizations.

The Forest Lawn contains such establishments as the Hall of Liberty, the Faith Chapel, the Liberty Chapel, the Church of the Hills and the Old North Church. The Court of Liberty houses the largest historical mosaic in the United States, a piece made of 10 million pieces of Venetian glass called "The Birth of Liberty." The Old North Church is an exact replica of the church described in the poem detailing the ride of Paul Revere in Boston. The Hall of Liberty houses a copy of the Liberty Bell.

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