What Is the History of Crossroad Baptist Church in Huntington, West Virginia?


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Founded in 1955, Crossroads Baptist Church has been at its current location since its founding. It was chartered on October 9, and the church's constitution was created shortly thereafter.

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The church has not always looked the way it looks today, however. For instance, until the educational wing was constructed in 1956, 92 charter members met in a tent in the spot where the current church's parking lot is located. Ten years later, in 1966, the auditorium was ultimately finished. Finally, fellowship hall, which also serves as a gym, was added in 1970. Though improvements and upkeep have continued throughout the years, the building's final major construction was complete in 1970.

The church began and has continued as an Independent Fundamental Baptist church. It affiliates itself in its constitution with the KJV Only movement. All pastors and church leaders preach and teach only from the King James Version of the Bible, believing it to be the proper scripture for English-speaking people. Since its foundation, the church has maintained an affiliation with conservative fundamental Christian doctrine. Since their start, they have maintained an active presence in the historic community of Huntington, West Virginia.

Currently, the church is pastored by Dr. John Duffy. He offers multiple Sunday School options for people of all ages and supports 46 missionaries.

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