What Is the History of Charlotte County Airport?

What Is the History of Charlotte County Airport?

The Charlotte County Airport, also known as the Punta Gorda Airport, traces its origins to 1941 when the United States Army established an air field at the airport's current location to train combat pilots. At its peak, the base housed 1,000 pilots and student pilots, as well as Curtis P-40 Warcraft aircraft, North American P-51 Mustang aircraft, and C-45 and C-47 transport aircraft.

The base was comprised of various buildings, including operational headquarters, classrooms, supply facilities, a fire station, a dispensary, a chapel and a control tower. The base featured nose hangars, where only the nose of the plane was sheltered rather than the entire aircraft.

When World War II ended, the complex was turned over to Charlotte County by the War Assets Administration. Commercial airline service was restored in 2007. The airport's name was not changed until 2011, when legislation was re-codified allowing for the current iteration of the Airport Authority to change its name from the Charlotte County Airport to the Punta Gorda Airport.

As of 2015, the Airport Authority owns over 1900 acres, and the airfield itself consists of three runways, the longest of which is 7,195 feet long. There are 217 T-hangars on the field and many aviation related businesses.

As of 2015, the Punta Gorda Airport facilitates approximately 75,000 aircraft operations annually, or a little more than 200 flights per day.