What Are Some Historic Tourist Attractions in Sweden?

What Are Some Historic Tourist Attractions in Sweden?

As of 2015, some of the historic tourist attractions in Sweden include the walled city of Visby, the Vitlycke Museum, the Tanum Rock Carvings, Drottningholm Palace and Kalmar Castle. Many of these sites are United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Sites.

Visby is a historic walled city located in Gotland. A listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, Visby's stone fortress includes 50 towers along a wall that stretches nearly two miles. A strategic port on the Baltic trade routes, the fortress was built to ward off pirates and other foreign invaders.

The Vitlycke Museum is near Tanumshede and details the history of the Bronze Age. It exhibits rock carvings from that era and also houses a recreation of a Bronze Age farm. Across from the museum is the Vitlycke Carving, an expansive rock carving site that is easily accessible. Nearby are the Tanum Rock Carvings, another UNESCO-listed site, with roughly 350 examples of Bronze Age carvings in natural settings.

Drottningholm Palace, sometimes referred to as the "Versailles of Scandinavia," dates back to King Johan II in the late 16th century. This is the home of the current royal family and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guided tours of some sections are available.

Kalmar Castle is even older, dating back to the 12th century. The original structure had one tower and was on the small side. In the 16th century Kings Erik XIV and Johan III expanded the structure, giving it a Renaissance feel. The castle is often used as a wedding venue.