What Historic Sites Are Located in Kentucky?


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There is a great wealth of historic sites in Kentucky, with 30 National Historic Landmarks in the state including the Lincoln Hall, Indian Knoll, Perryville Battlefield and Old Bank of Louisville being just some examples. Kentucky also has around 90,000 listed historical sites, according to the Kentucky Heritage Council.

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What Historic Sites Are Located in Kentucky?
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Kentucky has a rich and interesting history which accounts for the many important national historical sites that are found in the state. There were many conflicts between both colonial forces, such as the French and British, and later American settlements with the native Indians.

The Blue Licks State Park was the site of one of the last major battles with the Native Americans in the region.

Kentucky was originally a part of the state of Virginia, and it was not until after the American Revolution that the state began making moves towards being self-governed.

Kentucky has many historic battleground sites, which is mainly due to the strategic importance the region had in the Civil War. Kentucky's official position was to remain neutral, although in practice the state donated many troops to both sides of the conflict.

Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were both from Kentucky, and the U.S. Treasury Gold Vault was established at Fort Knox in the state during 1936.

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