How Do You Hire a Paid Travel Companion?

Hire a paid travel companion by compiling your itinerary and locating a professional companion through a reliable service provider. Remember that the cost of hiring a paid companion includes roundtrip travel, dining and lodging expenses for the duration of the trip.

Travel companions assist those who do not wish to fly alone or need additional care and services when they must leave their home city for almost any reason. Services such as Flying Companions or Preferred Travel Helpers help match companions with disabled and elderly fliers or travelers who require additional assistance. Those who suffer from anxiety or simply want additional company on their trip can also use these services to find paid companions for the travels. The costs of hiring paid companions include a fee for the referral service, which some travelers may avoid by finding their own companions through classifieds and other local services, along with related travel expenses and, potentially, wages for the companion.

Travel companion services often offer certification and training or background checks to help assure the safety of travelers using the service. Many require companions to carry proper insurance and some help match those with additional skills with travelers who have specific needs, such as sign-language interpretation or medical care. Companions can also help travelers keep in contact with loved ones throughout the duration of the travel and advise any family members of emergencies or delays and other unforeseen events.