What Are Some Highly Rated London Hotels?

What Are Some Highly Rated London Hotels?

Some of the most highly rated hotels in London, according to Conde Nast traveler, are Dorset Square Hotel, Brown's Hotel and The Metropolitan Hotel. The Dorchester and The Ritz are also Landmark London hotels.

Dorset Square Hotel, located next to Thomas Lord's famous cricket ground, features cricket memorabilia and decorations. It has 38 rooms and an underground restaurant serving fish pie and other British comfort foods.

Brown's Hotel, a popular hotel that reopened in 2005 after a multi-million dollar refurbishment, is historically one of London's most famous hotels. In the past, it has served a number of famous guests, including Rudyard Kipling, Agatha Christie and Haile Selassie. It features 117 individual rooms, each decorated with antiques and traditional art.

Metropolitan Hotel, located on Old Park Lane, is one of London's hippest hotels and features its own modern art gallery, bar, cinema and Japanese restaurant.

The Dorchester, one of London's most famous hotels, first opened in 1931. Its location overlooking Hyde Park is part of its charm, as are its large private garden and 69 quirky rooms.

The Ritz, one of London's most glamorous hotels, first opened in 1906 and reopened after refurbishment in 1995. It features luxurious decor, including 24-karat gold leaf as well as restored antique furniture in the rooms.