What Is the Highest Mountain in India?

The highest mountain in India is Kanchenjunga, which rises to 28,169 feet. Its name is of Tibetan origin and literally means "Five Treasuries of the Great Snow." The mountain's five summits include Kangbachen, South Kangchenjunga, West Kangchenjunga, Central Kangchenjunga and Main Kangchenjunga.

Kanchenjunga ranks as the third highest mountain on Earth. It is also known as "Kangchenjunga," "Kinchinjunga" or "Kumbhkaran Lungur" to the Nepali locals. Kanchenjunga traverses a portion of the Great Himalayan Range and shares its borders with Nepal, Tibet and Sikkim. Some of the mountaineers who have summited Kanchenjunga include the Frenchman Pierre Beghin and the Britons, Ginette Harrison, Peter Boardman, Joe Tasker and Doug Scott.