What Are Some High-Altitude U.S. Cities?

Glade Park-Gateway, Colorado, is the city at the highest altitude in the United States at 10,565 feet, followed by Leadville, Colorado, at 10,152 feet, and Eagle-Vail, Colorado, at 10,078 feet. The top 18 highest-altitude cities in the United States are in Colorado and include Breckenridge and Snowmass Village.

Eighty-one of the top 100 U.S. cities located at the highest altitudes are located in Colorado, nine are located in New Mexico and three are in Wyoming. Arizona, California and Nevada each have two cities on the list, and Utah has one. At 8,663 feet, Cloudcroft is the city at the highest altitude in New Mexico, and Fox Farm-College is the highest-altitude city in Wyoming at 9,055 feet.