What Are Some Haunted Houses in Columbus, Ohio?


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According to Axs.com, one of the most extreme haunted houses in the world is the gruesome Haunted Hoochie in Columbus, Ohio. The ScarAtorium, also in Columbus, features both a warped funhouse and a self-guided tour, where visitors act as patients of the insane and diabolical Dr. Collins.

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Another popular horror event in Columbus is the Haunted Orchard, where visitors take an unguided walk through the fruit farm at night.

The Haunted Hoochie has been called the world's most extreme haunted house. It is an overwhelming and gruesome haunted house that uses sensory assault, which makes it unsuitable for children or sensitive adults.

The ScarAtorium in Columbus features a warped funhouse, where 3D art and optical illusions cause a sensory overload. As well as the funhouse, the ScarAtorium also features the Northland Asylum, a guided experience where visitors are the patients of the insane Dr. Collins and become victim to his cruel experiments.

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