What Are Some Facts About Hamilton Township in Mercer County, New Jersey?


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Facts about Hamilton Township include that it was incorporated in 1842, making it one of Mercer County's earliest established communities. The township's present-day territory covers part of the former Township of Nottingham, which was founded in 1686 during British colonial rule. Aside from Hamilton Township, this area also encompassed the entire Trenton area located south of Assunpink Creek.

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Hamilton Township derived its name from Alexander Hamilton. Initially settled by the Dutch who first arrived at Bordentown, the geographic size of Hamilton Township has been modified twice since its incorporation in 1842. Some areas of the township were used by the government to form Chambersburg, which was incorporated in 1872 and eventually came under the jurisdiction of Trenton in 1888. Several years later, Hamilton Township's territory further decreased when more land was taken to create Wilbur, which was incorporated in 1891 and added to Trenton in 1898.

The oldest stone house in Hamilton Township was built in 1708 on Westcott Avenue by Isaac Watson. The homestead was constructed in such a way that it provided a commanding view of the surrounding agricultural lands. As of 2015, this stone house is owned by New Jersey and managed by the Daughters of the American Revolution. It is available for public viewing on a monthly basis.

Hamilton Township is divided into smaller communities, including Hamilton Square, North Crosswicks, Yardville, White Horse, Groveville and Mercerville. Some of the historical sites in these areas include the John Abbot II house, Camp Olden, Old York Road, the Isaac Pearson house and the Grafton house, which served as the residence of Mercer County's first sheriff Richard Jacques.

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