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Guatemala is located in Central America. Mexico lies to the northwest of Guatemala, while Belize lies to the northeast. The eastern and western borders are formed by the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean, respectively, while the nation shares its southern border with Honduras and El Salvador.

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Guatemala's name means "land of trees," which is appropriate for its tree-covered interior. Although small, this nation contains a diverse geography and topography. It serves as home to many mountains, lakes and rivers, along with plains and lowlands. The southern part of Guatemala contains lowlands, which extend down from the Sierra Madre mountains. Sweeping highlands surround this iconic mountain range, and serve as home to most of Guatemala's population.

The country boasts an annual population of over 12 million and most Guatemalans live in the capital, Guatemala City. This area provides a comfortable and hospitable living environment, in contrast to the cold Sierra Madre range and the tropical climate in the south.

The diversity of Guatemala's climate and landscape makes it suitable for producing diverse goods and products. Its main exports include sugar, coffee, bananas, cardamom and an assortment of fruits and vegetables. Guatemala also enjoys a distinct history, and serves as home to popular historic attractions, such as Tikal.

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