Where Is Guam Located on the World Map?

guam-located-world-map Credit: Ryo Ohwada/Taxi Japan/Getty Images

On a world map, Guam is situated in the western Pacific ocean. This island is a territory of the United States. Guam is a volcanic island that also belongs to the Mariana Island chain.

The land area of Guam is 209 square miles. Its capital is Hagatna, and the population of this island is approximately 159,358.

In 1521, Magellan discovered Guam and claimed it for Spain. The first Spanish colony on Guam was founded in 1668. After Spain was defeated by the United States in the Spanish-American War, Spain relinquished the island to the Americans in 1898. However, Japan invaded Guam during World War II. The United States regained possession of Guam in 1944.