Where Is the Greyhound Bus Express Service Offered?


The Greyhound bus Express service is offered in many states across the United States, from Massachusetts in the East to California in the West, with routes traveling into states such as Minneapolis, Florida, Colorado and Louisiana. Cities with Express hubs include New York City, Orlando, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles.

To view a map showing all the Express routes and hubs, travelers visit Greyhound.com, select Services and Routes, click on Greyhound Express and click on Route Map. Express routes are shown in orange and regular Greyhound bus routes are shown in blue. Travelers wishing to book a seat on an Express service visit the Greyhound.com home page and enter their journey details in the Tickets box. If an Express service is available for the chosen route, the "e" logo appears beneath the journey time on the list of departures. Travelers can compare the prices of Express service tickets with regular Greyhound bus tickets, and click on +Schedule Details under each departure time to view the number of stops, length of any layovers and transfer information.

Some of the advantages of traveling with the Express service are fewer stops, faster journey times, guaranteed seating, extra legroom, power outlets and free Wi-Fi.