What Are Some Good Vacation Ideas for Singles?

What Are Some Good Vacation Ideas for Singles?

Some good vacation ideas for singles include cultural and volunteer trips, adventure trips and wildlife safaris. These trips take place in areas such as Ecuador, Kenya and Costa Rica.

The travel club Trusted Adventures can help in planning interesting cultural trips, such as observing shamans in Ecuador. Adventures for Singles is another vacation option, which organizes trips such as teaching children or building orphanages in Kenya.

Another organization that focuses on the single traveler is Single Cruise, which incorporates activities such as games and mingling events for its participants. Trips through this company can include deep sea fishing, taking a hot air balloon or going to Stonehenge to explore the ancient ruins. Some train services also offer adventure trips.

Wildlife safaris take place in Costa Rica, among other places, where it is possible to see a cloud forest or to walk on a volcano. It can also be fun to hike through a rain forest. Another safari location is South Africa, where it is possible to visit Jane Goodall's Chimp Eden. In Alaska, it is possible to see bear and elk. Safaris in the state can involve fishing or hunting.

Hiking can be an adventurous vacation for a single person. It is possible to trek trough Morocco to see High Atlas or to hike in the Grand Canyon to see the Havasupai Falls. Base or bungee jumping can also be a unique trip for a solo traveler. It is possible to take these trips with a sporting group.