What Are Some Good Sources for Finding an Old Chisholm Trail Map?


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Good sources for finding an Old Chisholm trail map are the Hennessy Public Library of Oklahoma and the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center; both have a trail map posted on their official websites, as of 2015. Other sources to search for an Old Chisholm trail map include historical societies, such as the Kansas Historical Society. Those interested in a map can contact the organization for assistance.

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The Chisholm Trail was established after the Civil War as a way for cattle ranchers to drive their cattle from Texas to Kansas. Joseph McCoy wanted a more direct route through Indian Territory that connected to the railroads traveling west from Kansas Territory. He worked with the railroad company to establish a hotel and cattle pens in Abilene. McCoy then hired surveyors to mark a route back to Texas. They followed Jesse Chisholm's trade road and connected Abilene Kansas to the Red River station in Texas.

A map of the Chisholm Trail shows the route used by the cattle ranches and marks off the stations along the way. Examples of towns included in the Chisholm Trail are Newton and Wichita in Kansas; Medford, Hennessy and El Reno in Oklahoma and Fort Worth, Waco and Lockhart in Texas.

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