How Do You Find a Good Quality Aerial View of Your House for Free? provides free access to high-quality aerial photographs of addresses in the United States, Canada, France and Germany. It also covers Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. It uses Google Maps technology.

On the website, follow the example for the proper format for typing in an address and then click Go. After the image loads on the screen, zoom in using the available tool on the left side of the map to get a clear aerial image of the desired address. Click and drag on the image to see surrounding areas.

There is also a link to follow for street view imagery. Click Fizber Street View directly above the image box, type in the address again, and the coinciding street view image loads. Click and drag on the image for a 360-degree view.

Google Maps is another source for quality aerial photos, but the images aren't quite as clear as On the Google homepage, click on the "Apps" button in the top, right-hand corner of the screen – it looks like a square composed of nine smaller squares. A drop-down menu with nine different Google application choices, including Maps, appears. Click on Maps, and then follow instructions to type in an address to find the applicable aerial images.