What Are Some Good Places to Buy Panettone in Italy?

The best places to buy panettone in Italy are Basilicata at Pasticceria Tiri, Campania at Pasticceria Pepe, Lombardy at Pasticceria Merlo, Puglia at Pasticceria Natale and in Milan, where this sweet bread originates. Swide ranked these places among the top 10 with the best panettone in Italy in 2014.

Panettone is a traditional sweet bread prepared for the Christmas holiday. An annual contest held in Milan ranks the best panettone from competing pastry shops in Italy. Pastry shops specifically in Milan, the place of origin of this Christmas cake, have also received praise for their panettone. These pastry shops in and around Milan include Pasticceria Martesana, Pave and Pasticceria Marchesi.