What Is a Good Method to Calculate the Midpoint Between Cities?


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To calculate the midpoint between two cities, first determine the total flying or driving distance between them, and divide this figure by two. Then use a map to find a place at the midpoint. Alternatively, calculate the midpoint between two cities using the total travel time.

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To determine the total flying or driving distance, use a website such as TravelMath. In the distance calculator present on this site, choose whether flying or driving distance is to be calculated, and type in the name of the departure and destination cities in the appropriate fields. Then click on "Calculate" to find the distance in kilometers or miles between the two cities. This site can also be used to directly calculate the halfway point between two cities using the distance calculator.

Alternatively, use Mapquest, a route finder to calculate the driving distance between the two cities. Enter the departure and destinations cities in the relevant fields on the site to know the driving distance through various routes between the two cities. Divide the distance by two, and use the key of a map to locate a place nearest to the midpoint.

To calculate the midpoint between the two cities based on the travel time, first find the time it takes to drive or fly between the two cities using the travel time calculator on the TravelMath website. Divide the total travel time by two, and choose a place that requires that much traveling time from the city of departure.

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