What are good meeting points between two cities?


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Good meeting points between two cities are a matter of personal preference. There are websites, however, that offer some suggestions on where to meet someone between two locations. A meeting in a public place is advised for a first meeting with a stranger, such as a restaurant or caf��.

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What are good meeting points between two cities?
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Meetways: Meet Me in the Middle is a good starting point. Users are asked to enter two addresses and a point of interest. The website then finds the addresses of a few bars and restaurants that would make a good meeting place.

Mezzoman.com offers users the facility to find an exact address halfway between two cities. It is a rather literal take on the idea, but it can be an interesting way to explore a new location and do some research on where are good meeting points in a city halfway between two others. Sometimes friends do wish to find a midway point simply to change the location and also to make things fair for each party.

Good meeting points include restaurants, tourist places of interest, historical buildings and caf��s. Bridges (that have pedestrian access) also make good meeting points between two cities and have the added value of being symbolic.

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