What Are Some Good Lessons to Teach With a Large United Stated Map?

One idea for a lesson using a U.S. map is to teach the states and capitals. Teachers can divide students into two teams, with a student from each team going up to the map and putting their hands behind their back. The teacher then calls out the name of a state, and the first student to touch it wins. Teachers can also use this exercise to teach capitals by calling the capital and having students point to the corresponding state.

Another lesson to teach with the U.S. map is an introduction to latitude and longitude for students in kindergarten through second grade. In this lesson, students look at a map, noticing the latitude and longitude lines. Students can then discuss what they know about places on the map and what the lines of latitude and longitude might tell them. Teachers can explain to students that these lines are not real lines on the ground but exist to help people locate places on the map more easily.

Students can then find their town, city or state and figure out its latitude and longitude. They can then do that same exercise with other places in the United States. They can also locate cities based on latitude and longitude measurements.