What Are Some Good Latitude and Longitude Finders?

What Are Some Good Latitude and Longitude Finders?

Latitude and longitude finders are available at WorldAtlas.com and through Google Maps as of 2015. Both resources let the user search for coordinates and view the location on a map or search for a location and view its coordinates.

Entering a city and state -- for example, Los Angeles, California -- into WorldAtlas.com's finder displays the location on a map along with its coordinates. When a set of coordinates is entered, the map displays the location below the search box. Coordinates must be entered in one of two formats for the finder to recognize them.

Google Maps accepts coordinates in three formats: degrees, minutes and seconds, degrees and decimal minutes, and decimal degrees. Google Maps recommends using the degrees symbol when entering the coordinates. When the coordinates are entered, Google Maps displays the location with a marker.

To find the coordinates for a certain location in Google Maps, right-click it, and select What's Here? from the menu. The coordinates are then displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Degrees of latitude are given based on how far north or south a location is from the equator. Degrees of longitude are given based on how far east or west the location is from the Greenwich meridian in London, England.