What Are Some Good GPS Tracking Devices You Can Buy for Personal Use?

What Are Some Good GPS Tracking Devices You Can Buy for Personal Use?

Some of the best personal GPS trackers for 2015 include the Amber Alert GPS, the PocketFinder, the Trackimo and the Caref GPS, according to Top Ten Reviews. These tracking devices win praise for their convenience, functionality and useful features.

The Amber Alert GPS is designed specifically for parents to keep track of children. This compact, durable tracker offers two-way calling, live tracking and a panic button. The device allows users to access location information using a smartphone app, tablet app or the Amber Alert web portal. Reviewers do criticize the device’s battery life, which is below average.

The PocketFinder GPS is a discrete tracing device with minimal features but superb battery life. The device lacks voice calling or panic features, but it does offer some customization options, including the ability to set a designated safety zone and receive alerts if the tracker leaves that area.

The Trackimo receives praise for its strong functionality and affordable price. The device also features a motion-activated tracker that puts the Trackimo to sleep when it stops moving, helping to save battery life. Users can view GPS data using either an Android of iPhone app.

The Caref GPS is an affordable, intuitive tracking device that users can wear as a watch. The device includes useful features such as a panic button and voice calling, but reviewers criticize the fragile glass screen, which is prone to cracking.