What Are Some Good Games to Learn the 50 States?

There are a number of games on the Internet designed to help people learn the 50 states, such as "Map the 50 States" and "Name the State," on LearningGamesForKids.com. While the majority of the games are marketed for children, many would also be suitable for adults. PurposeGames.com and Sporcle.com are two additional websites where such games are available with a quick search through the search functions.

Many of the online games are quiz games. They present a map of the U.S. and ask, for example, "Which state is California?" The user must then correctly locate the state in question. Another sort of game comes in the form of a drag-and-drop puzzle, where players must drag the correct name to each state. Similar games involving state capitals are also common.

Another take on the drag-and-drop format is to provide an empty map and have the player drag the shapes of the states to their correct locations on the map. An example of such a game is "50 States" from AddictingGames.com.

LearningGamesForKids.com also offers a game called "Name the State" to test children's knowledge of states, asking questions about state nicknames, cities in the state or the state bird.

All three sites also have more specialized state games, where players can test their knowledge of, for example, the Midwestern states specifically or even their knowledge of just one particular state.