How Do You Find Good Flights?


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Consumers can find good flights by tracking airlines' online announcements, using customized search engines, and booking tickets midweek. For good international flights, there are optimal windows of time to book flights that vary based on geographical region.

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How Do You Find Good Flights?
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To find good flights, it is useful to monitor airlines' announcements and alerts on the internet. Airlines may post limited time deals on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. By following airlines on social media and setting alerts for deal announcements, it is easier to catch good deals for flights. Travel companies such as AirFareWatchDog also provide fare alerts and email newsletters that send good flight deals based on subscribers' local airports.

SkyScanner is also a good resource for flexible travelers, allowing users to set their search as broadly or narrowly as they desire. For those with a smaller budget but flexible time, setting the search to "everywhere" will yield the cheapest flights available to a wide variety of destinations. Choosing to travel on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday also yields cheaper and less crowded flights. Friday and Sunday tend to be the busiest and most expensive travel days. Early morning and red-eye flights tend to be the most cost-efficient flights, followed by lunch time and dinner time flights.

There is also an optimal time to purchase flight tickets. Discounted flights are released online every Tuesday. Most of these discounts are gone by Thursday of the same week. For the best deals on international airfares, flights to Europe should be booked six months ahead while flights to the Caribbean should be booked two to four weeks ahead as of January 2015, according to the New York Times. The Kayak 2015 Travel Hacker Guide has a full list of recommended booking windows for specific regions around the world.

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