What Are Some Good Examples of Travel Itinerary Templates?

Two online planning apps, Travefy and TripIt, employ easy-to-use travel itinerary templates that give users the freedom to create custom trip plans and share them with groups of travelers. The itinerary sites have multifaceted features such as options for adding items by email, syncing with calendars or creating PDFs of the final list.

Travefy’s platform lets users create robust itineraries with pictures and maps, download a PDF version of the plan, and send an email or link to other travelers for group collaborations. Clients can easily add items to the original list with a designated email address for the trip. The site plots the destinations added on a map and has a section to discover attractions nearby though a search. The site’s database indexes hotels, restaurants and popular attractions worldwide. It also lets participants add their own links and pictures to the plan’s details. Those who create an account on Travefy can easily access saved plans and idea boards for free.

TripIt is a different kind of online app that organizes travel plans into an itinerary through a free account. Once signed up, users forward flight, hotel, restaurant and entertainment reservations to a central TripIt email address that organizes all of the details into a master itinerary. If enabled to do so, TripIt retrieves the travel confirmation emails automatically from Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook accounts.

TripIt participants can view media-rich itineraries through smartphones, tablets and laptops. A paid account includes flight and preferred seat availability alerts, travel reward-point tracking and VIP benefits from travel partners including Hertz car rentals.