Where Is the Gobi Desert Located?

gobi-desert-located Credit: Wan Ru Chen/Moment/Getty Images

The Gobi Desert is located in Asia in northern and northwestern China as well as parts of southern Mongolia. It has several distinct features including the Eastern Gobi Desert Steppe, the Alaskan Plateau and the Gobi Lakes Valley.

The Gobi Desert is 932 miles long and 497 miles wide, covering more than 500,000 square miles in Asia. The Eastern Gobi Desert Steppe is 100,000 square miles, and is the most eastern point of the desert, located in both China and Mongolia. The Alaskan Plateau covers more than 250,000 square miles, and contains the Great Gobi National Park in Mongolia. The Gobi Lakes Valley is located north of the Alaskan Plateau, and covers 53,800 square miles between mountain ranges.