What Are Girl Scouts Called in Mexico?

girl-scouts-called-mexico Credit: usacehq/CC-BY 2.0

"Guias de Mexico" became a full member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Scouts in 1957. It is divided into five age groups, with Girasoles aged 4-6 years, Haditas 6-9 years, Guias 9-13 years, Guias Intermedias 13-15 years and Guias Mayoress 15-18 years old.

Girl guiding began in Mexico in 1930. A National Association was formed in 1938 and incorporated a program that specialized in the needs of Mexican girls and their customs. The program encourages participation in a variety of projects, such as nutrition, pollution, helping the aged and orphans, international education, and ecology. National camps are held yearly.