What Giant Australian Bird Lays Emerald Green Eggs?

Joerg Hauke/Picture Press/Getty Images

The cassowary is a large and somewhat strange-looking bird whose eggs range in color from bright, vivid green to a more mild blueish-hued green. Female cassowaries can lay as many as eight eggs per clutch, and these eggs can be more than 3 inches wide by 5 inches long. The male cassowary then incubates the eggs for about 50 days and cares for and protects the chicks for several months thereafter.

There are three different species of cassowary, and adults of the largest species, the southern cassowary, can be more than 6 feet tall and weigh more than 100 pounds. The cassowary has black plumage and brightly colored skin on the head and neck. All cassowary species have some kind of firm, bonelike crest on their heads, with some more pronounced than others.

For the most part, cassowaries are solitary and timid animals, but they can attack when provoked, and they may be capable of killing a human. Adult male cassowaries protect their nests and chicks fiercely, so it may be best for those who are curious about these eggs to avoid seeking them out in the wild due to the potential threat this large bird poses.