Where Are There Ghost Sightings in Joplin, Missouri?


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As of 2015, MissouriGhosts.net lists Taylor Auditorium and the Galena City Cemetery as locations in Joplin where ghost sightings occur. The website also cites E50, a rural road also known as Spook Light Road, where visitors report spotting the Hornet Spook Light between 10 p.m. and midnight.

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A ghost known as the Dark Lady reputedly haunts the Taylor Auditorium on East Newman Road, causing cold spots and moving objects. Witnesses of the Hornet Spook Light describe it as a glowing orange light the size of a basketball or baseball, always moving east.

The city of Joplin is home to other paranormal accounts as well, such as the story of butterfly people who reportedly protect and rescue residents during tornadoes.

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