What Is the General Layout of the Los Angeles Coliseum Seating Chart?


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The Los Angeles Coliseum features three concentric tiers of seats that wrap around the north, west and south sides of the arena. The east side of the arena contains the Peristyle Suites, Field Suites and other exclusive seating options.

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The three rings of seats in the Los Angeles Coliseum are divided into wedge-shaped sections, each marked by a numbered aisle. Aisle 1 sits in the southeast corner of the arena, and aisle 29 is located in the northeast corner. Two additional aisles run around the Coliseum in rings, dividing the three seating tiers. Each section of each tier is divided into rows and numbered seats.

The east side of the Coliseum is home to both premium and standard seating. The top of the section is marked by the peristyle, which is a set of columns and a large terrace. During some events, the terrace is home to the premium Peristyle Suites. The Field Suites, another premium seating option, are located on the field below the peristyle, on either side of the bandstand that sits on the east end of the field.

The Los Angeles Coliseum changes its seating chart based on the event. The Peristyle Suites and Field Suites may not be available for non-sporting events.

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