What Are Some Games Children Can Play to Learn the US States?


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Some games children can play to learn the U.S. states are geographical map puzzles, geography quizzes and word games. There are software programs and various websites that offer a variety of games, trivia and puzzles at every difficulty level.

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Some software companies offer games with varying levels of difficulty to grow with a child as he learns. Some games teach the location of each state, while others teach the names of each state's capital city or facts, such as the state's flower, bird and flag. A few other software games teach the location of national parks or major bodies of water in the United States, such as lakes, rivers and gulfs. Some of the more challenging puzzle games require players to rotate each state into its proper position on the map without the use of any outlines.

Another option is an educational website that offers geographic puzzles, quizzes and word games. There are a few free website options and a few that require an account or login information. Some of these games include word searches, crosswords and trivia games that help reinforce a child's geographical vocabulary and memorize facts pertaining to each state. Some games teach a child to associate landmarks with specific geographical regions or cities. Another game option tests children on climate or environmental distinctions in various regions.

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