What Are Some Funny Scottish Sayings?


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"She doesnae hae enough room inside her for a rheumatic pain," meaning "she's thin," "Yer bum's oot the windae," meaning "You're talking nonsense," and "as black as the Earl of Hell's waiscoat," meaning pitch black, are some funny Scottish sayings. "Mony a mickle maks a muckle" means "watch the cents, and the dollars will look after themselves."

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"Heid doon arse up" means "get to work," while "Don't be a wee clipe" is how to tell off a tattle-tale. If a Scotsman says of someone, "All his eggs are double yoakit," it means that person is a complete braggart. "Tatties o'wer the side" means that disaster has struck, and "Haud yer wheesht" means "Shut up."

"Yer aywis at the coo's tail" means, "You never keep up." "Coo," incidentally, means "cow." "A clean shirt'll do ye" means, "You'll be dead soon," with the suggestion that you won't live beyond another load of laundry. If something is poorly manufactured, the Scottish expression is, "Sewn wi' a hate needle an' a burnin' threed," "hate" meaning "hot."

"Pure dead brilliant" means "exceptionally brilliant," "am a pure nick" means, "I don't look at all presentable," and "Yer oot yer face" means "You're very drunk." "Is the cat deid?" literally means, "Has the cat died?" and is said to someone when his trousers are too short, the idea being that they are at "half mast," as a flag when people are in mourning.

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