What Are Some Fun Waterfall Facts?


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Venezuela boasts the tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls at over 3,000 feet, and the United States and Canada has one of the largest falls: Niagara Falls. Large, or class 10, waterfalls transport the greatest water volume, and utility companies use them to generate hydroelectricity.

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What Are Some Fun Waterfall Facts?
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Waterfalls are sections of rivers and streams that fall vertically due largely to erosion, although earthquakes, glaciers and volcanoes can also contribute to their formation. Streams carry sediment downstream that gradually wears away at the surrounding rock to create ledges and form waterfalls.

Experts categorize waterfalls into more than a dozen types, each with specific features. Niagara Falls is a sheet waterfall, a wide block-like waterfall formed from a wide river. Cascade waterfalls as seen in India's Monkey Falls descend down rock steps. Fan waterfalls fan out, and frozen waterfalls spend at least part of the year frozen in formation. Other types of waterfalls include punchbowl, plunge, multistep, horsetail, cataract and chute.

Niagara Falls lies on the Canadian and United States border. However, it actually consists of two separate waterfalls, one in each country. Although the waterfalls are only about 200 feet tall, they are wide enough to allow more than 195,000 cubic feet of water to pass over the falls and plunge into the basin every second.

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