What Are Some Fun Things to Do When Visiting Gettysburg?


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Some fun things to do when visiting Gettysburg include touring the Gettysburg National Military Park, hiking the battlefield and going horseback riding. Some other sites to see include the David Wills House and the Soldiers' National Cemetery.

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Besides touring the battlefield, another fun activity for visitors is to browse the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center to understand the context of the pivotal battle that occurred in the area. The museum not only offers detailed information about the Civil War, but it also plays "A New Birth of Freedom" film featuring Morgan Freeman and displays the Gettysburg Cyclorama painting "Pickett's Charge."

Visitors can tour the battlefield on their own or take guided tours. Numerous paths surround the battlefield and park so that people can hike, bike or horseback ride around the historical site. After experiencing the battlefield, tourists can visit the Soldiers' National Cemetery, the burial place of many Civil War soldiers and the location at which Abraham Lincoln gave the "Gettysburg Address. For more historical fun, visitors should tour the David Wills House, the center of the town before and after its devastation by the war.

After walking through history, tourists can shop at local boutiques and stores and enjoy a meal at the refreshment saloon.

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