What Fun Things to Do Are There While on a Layover at an Airport?


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Some fun things to do during an airport layover include exercise, exploring the city, sleeping or playing games. Possible activities vary based on the duration of a layover.

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What Fun Things to Do Are There While on a Layover at an Airport?
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Exercise is one easy option during a layover, and many airports offer gyms and exercise facilities for patrons. The website Airport Gyms helps users determine whether their airport has a gym and where it is located. Alternately, airports are spacious enough that doing yoga or taking a jog around the terminal is quite possible.

If a layover is long enough, it’s possible to leave the airport and explore the surrounding city. This is particularly effective for cities with good public transit systems, but travelers can make use of cabs as well. Travelers who know they are going to be experiencing extended layovers can devise an itinerary for exploring the city, which should include plenty of extra time for possible traffic and long airport security lines.

Sleeping is another popular option during layovers. Some airports offer rest areas and seating designed to enable more comfortable sleeping. Other airports offer compact rest areas for patrons to rent, inspired by Japanese capsule hotels.

Portable games are another fun activity for layovers. Whether it’s with a traveling companion or a friendly stranger, games such as Yahtzee, Banagrams and Travel Scrabble are all compact enough to make for a convenient airport diversion.

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