What Are Some Fun Things to Do in Haverhill, MA?


Some activities in Haverhill, MA, include a psychic night at Winnekenni Castle, go-kart racing at Checkered Flag Indoor Karting and a visit to the Buttonwoods Museum. The historic Winnekenni Castle hosts psychic nights throughout the year with regular psychic readings booked at the door. Visitors can also trial mini reiki healing sessions or energy balancing with tuning forks and buy jewelry at the Stone Sisters Boutique.

Checkered Flag Indoor Karting is a 30,000-square-foot indoor go-kart arena. It is suitable for families and more serious go-kart racers alike, with a choice between Pro Racer karts that can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour and Junior Speed karts that go no faster than 18 miles per hour. Children must be over 54 inches tall to participate. Bookings can be made online at the official website.

The Buttonwoods Museum is housed in the Duncan mansion. Among the collections housed in the Buttonwoods Museum are Native American artifacts discovered in the Lower Merrimack Valley, including stone and bone tools, pottery and baskets. The artifacts belonged to the Pentucket of the Pennacook Nation, who signed their land over to English settlers in 1641. The original property deed to Haverhill is also housed in the museum.