What Are Some Fun Facts About Texas?

What Are Some Fun Facts About Texas?

Some fun facts about Texas are that Texas is the only state in the United States to have six flags fly over the land at various points in history and that Texas has on average more tornadoes each year than any other U.S. state. The Texas flag has three colors. Texas has one county so large that it is the size of Connecticut.

The amusement park Six Flags takes its catch phrase "Six Flags Over Texas" from the six different governing bodies that, at some point in history, flew flags over the land that comprises Texas. Spain, France and Mexico all flew their national flags over the land at varying points. In addition, the Republic of Texas was an independent country before it joined the United States.

Texas averages 139 tornadoes each year. Within Texas, tornadoes are most common in Northern Texas and the Texas panhandle. A hurricane devastated the Galveston area in 1900, killing as many as 12,000 people.

Texans call their flag the Lone Star Flag. Of the three colors on the flag, red represents courage, blue represents loyalty, and white stands for liberty. Texas chose the flag in 1845, but in the 1830s, Texans used the large, white star on flags during skirmishes with Mexico.

Brewster County is the largest county in Texas. At 6,193 square miles, the county is three times the size of Delaware and the approximate size of Connecticut. Texas also boasts large amounts of helium deposits and rumors of millions of dollars of buried gold in Clyde, Texas.