What Are Some Fun Rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California?

What Are Some Fun Rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California?

As of 2015, fun rides at California's Six Flags Magic Mountain include the Riddler's Revenge, the SlingShot and the Viper, all perfect for thrill seekers. Family-friendly rides that combine fun with a splash of cold water include Roaring Rapids, Tidal Wave and the Jet Stream.

The Riddler's Revenge is a stand-up roller coaster where riders spend most of their time upside down. The highest point on the track is 156 feet tall, and the fastest is a pair of corkscrews where the coaster travels at 65 miles per hour through the loops.

Riding SlingShot is like bungee jumping, only going sideways. Riders are launched into the air, connected to giant rubber cords that pull back and forth, until gravity finally slows the launch capsule. An additional fee is charged for this ride.

With its tallest drop at 188 feet, the Viper is one of the tallest looping coasters on the planet. The top speed of 70 miles per hour also makes it one of the fastest. Another "twist" is the vertical loop that is 14 stories tall.

Roaring Rapids is a white water adventure using round river rafts that bounce over rapids and plunge over waterfalls, getting riders soaking wet in the process. Tidal Wave is a boat ride that seems more like a roller coaster. The boats plunge down a 50-foot waterfall into a river, causing a giant wave that douses everyone. The Jet Stream is another water flume ride. It's a bit tamer, but riders still get soaked.