Where Are Some Fun Places to Take Kids for a Day Out?


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"Parenting" magazine’s list of fun places to take kids includes amusement parks, farms, zoos, aquariums, sporting events and museums. "Philadelphia" magazine adds mini-golf, bowling, indoor rock-climbing and trampolining facilities as potential day-trip destinations for kids. "Kiplinger" also suggests taking kids to the public library as a fun and free option.

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Children of different ages enjoy different activities. "Travel and Leisure" suggests planning age-appropriate trips to destinations that attract other families with children. School-age children are at just the right age to get the most enjoyment out of visits to a character-themed amusement park, such as Disneyland, or experiences as junior rangers at a national park. For older children and teens, involve them in the planning process to find activities they would enjoy or places they would like to visit. "Parenting" also advises parents to be aware that some attractions, especially at amusement parks, have minimum height restrictions.

Both "Philadelphia" and "Parenting" suggest kid-oriented exhibits and programming at museums, aquariums and zoos as fun, educational and interactive options.

"Kiplinger" notes that public libraries also often have children’s programming, including free children’s theater, book clubs and workshops. On selected weekend days, some The Home Depot and Lowe’s stores offer workshops and clinics for children to work with wood or learn home improvement skills. Alternatively, a dollar store can be a fun place to take children to learn about budgeting their allowances and pick up a few small prizes in the process. Finally, consider window-shopping at a pet store. Kids are often mesmerized by the array of pets available.

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