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Paraguay is a country located in the center of South America; it is bordered by Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. Paraguay is a landlocked country; the only other landlocked country in South America is Bolivia. As of 2013, the country had one of the highest rates of economic growth in South America. It had a population of 6.8 million in 2013.

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Paraguay gained its independence from Spain in 1811 and a few decades later fought the War of the Triple Alliance, a violent and disastrous war against Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. In this war, Paraguay lost nearly 70 percent of its population. This was followed by the Chaco War against Bolivia in the 1930s and a civil war in 1947. Paraguay became a democracy in 1989 after Alfredo Stroessner's 35-year dictatorship, but it continued to experience military instability and political corruption in the ensuing years.

Paraguay is among the countries with the highest rate of deforestation in the world, a side effect of unregulated industry. Paraguay's Chaco forest is being chopped down to allow the cattle industry to build and expand ranches. This deforestation has had a disastrous effect on the native Ayorea tribe, an indigenous group that has its home in the Chaco forest.

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