What Are Some Fun Facts About Norway?

Norway is a land known for its natural beauty, which includes fjords, mountains and the northern lights, as well as its legends and history, the latter including the Vikings. Norway was also home for one of classical music's most famous musicians, the composer and pianist Edvard Grieg.

A fjord is a natural geologic feature that occurs when glaciers retreat and form a U-shaped valley. The valley then fills up with sea water. Locals and tourists can observe the northern lights in northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle, during periods between late autumn and early spring. Another natural occurrence in northern Norway is the northern sun, a phenomenon during a part of the year where the sun does not set during the 24-hour cycle.

The Norwegians have a rich history of folklore that includes creatures such as trolls, who are mischievous creatures said to live in caves and forests and only come out at night. Legend says that trolls turn to stone upon contact with the sun.

Norway's most famous composer, Edvard Grieg, took this mythology and nationalist elements of Norway to form a distinctly Norwegian style of music. Two of the composer's works, the "Piano Concerto in A minor" and "Peer Gynt Suite," became concert favorites.