What Are Some Fun Facts About Mexico?


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The official name of Mexico is Estados Únidos Mexicanos, which means United Mexican States in English. Its population is over 100 million, and its capital is Mexico City, which is one of the largest cities in the world with over 19 million people.

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What Are Some Fun Facts About Mexico?
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Mexico is home to the largest cat in North America, the jaguar, as well as the world's smallest dog, the Chihuahua, which is named after a state in Mexico. It is also home to a rare rabbit called a volcano rabbit, which only lives near volcanoes.

Spanish is the major language spoken across Mexico. However, many indigenous languages, such as Nahuatl, the ancient language of the Aztecs, and various Mayan languages, are also common throughout the country. In fact, several words for food that are used in English come from the Nahuatl language, such as tomato (tomatl), chocolate (chocolatl) and avocado (aguacatl). When the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortez arrived in Mexico in 1519, the Aztecs thought he was their god, Quetzalcoatl, and offered him hot chocolate, which they considered a sacred drink.

Corn originated in Mexico and remains one of the most important crops grown there. Mexico celebrates its independence from Spain on Sept. 15 and 16th every year.

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