What are some fun facts about Maine?


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Maine is the largest state in New England and comprises nearly half of the area of New England. At the same time, it is sparsely populated for its size. As of 2014, only 1,330,089 people lived in the entire state of Maine.

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The state capital is Augusta, though its largest city is Portland. Augusta was not named after British royalty, as so many other colonial cities were, but after the daughter of Henry Dearborn, who fought in the Revolutionary War and later served as secretary of war and minister to Portugal.

Maine borders only one state, New Hampshire, but it borders two Canadian provinces, Quebec and New Brunswick. It was the 23rd state to join the Union, and it joined on March 15, 1820. Until then, it had been part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. However, its flag was not adopted until 1909. It features its coat of arms on a field of deep, marine blue.

Maine's economy revolves around fishing, shipbuilding and potato farming. Tourism also supports the economy, for Maine has a beautiful coastline and many lakes and rivers that are open for recreation.

The state mammal is the moose, and the state bird is the chickadee. The state fish is the Atlantic salmon, and the state flower is the white pine cone. Maine's state tree is the eastern white pine.

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