What Are Some Fun Facts About Kentucky?

fun-kentucky Credit: Vibro1/Moment/Getty Images

Kentucky is best known for its horse races and horse farms, and many famous racehorses have made their home in the Bluegrass Country, which surrounds the city of Lexington. Also, the Kentucky Derby is known as the oldest horse race in the country. It is held every year on the first Saturday of May.

Many other facts also distinguish Kentucky. The first girl from Kentucky to win Miss America was crowned in 1999.

The state is home to Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is one of the largest food chains in the world. It was owned by the famed Kentucky Colonel, Colonel Sanders.

Kentucky was the birthplace of two presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. They were born less than a year apart.

Kentucky displays the world's largest fireworks show at the opening of the Kentucky Derby Festival. There are more than 100 people from Kentucky who have been elected as governors for other states. Two sisters from Kentucky composed the song "Happy birthday to You."

Before becoming a national holiday in 1916, Mother's Day was initiated by a teacher from Kentucky, Mary S. Wilson, in 1887. In 1817, Lexington held the first American performance of a Beethoven symphony.

Cynthiana manufactures Post-It notes exclusively. The number of notes manufactured per year is a trade secret.

The largest amount of gold can be found in the underground vaults of Fort Knox. It is said that the gold stored there is worth more than $6 billion.