What are fun facts about Africa for kids?


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Africa is the second largest continent on the Earth and includes about 22 percent of the Earth's land mass. It is also the second most populous continent, with 1.1 billion people, 16 percent of the world's population as of 2014. Half of those people are under 25 years of age. Over 2,000 languages spoken in Africa, and the most commonly spoken language is Arabic, with over 170 million speakers.

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What are fun facts about Africa for kids?
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Africa's Nile River is the world's longest river, with a total length of 4,192 miles. The world's largest desert, the Sahara, is located in Africa. It covers an area almost as large as the entire United States. The second largest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Victoria, is located in Africa, and it is the largest lake in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa rising to a height of 19,300 feet, is located close to the equator but has glaciers near its summit.

Scientists believe that once all the continents were one giant land mass. They believe that most of the continents have completely moved across the Earth, except Africa, which has stayed almost perfectly still.

Colorful cotton garments known as kangas are popular in Africa. Kangas often have symbols or messages on them. Among these, the fish is a popular motif in Africa. It often symbolizes a protection against evil.

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