What Are Some Fun Adult Weekend Getaways?

What Are Some Fun Adult Weekend Getaways?

Fun adult weekend getaway ideas include cruises, all-inclusive resorts, winery tours and camping trips. One way to save money on a weekend getaway is to visit during a location's off-season, when prices are lower due to less tourist activity.

Short cruises are an affordable getaway option, as the cruise packages typically include meals and entertainment. Two- to three-day cruises are available, but another option is to stay on a cruise ship that doesn't travel anywhere. While this choice doesn't afford the opportunity for tourist excursions, guests still have access to all the ship's amenities.

All-inclusive resorts offer packages with food, drinks and entertainment included in the price. While these types of resorts are rare in the United States, many are available in Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, among other countries.

Winery tours allow guests to taste a variety of wines. Wineries frequently offer packages that include a room rental for overnight stays. One overnight wine tour is the Napa Valley Wine Train, which transports guests to multiple wineries in the area.

Camping is a relaxing getaway option, and it tends to be inexpensive. Campers can rent a cabin, sleep in a tent or bring a recreational vehicle. Both free camping areas and pay campsites are available.