Is Frontier a Good Company?

Frontier Airlines is a low-cost, no-frills airline that consequently has a negative reputation for substandard customer service and strict regulations about changes, cancellations, baggage, boarding and flight scheduling. As of 2015, the website for ConsumerAffairs posts the top 606 user complaints and reviews for Frontier Airlines, with the company receiving the lowest possible star rating of one star out of five, based on 442 negative customer reviews.

Many customer reviews on reveal a lack of customer service representatives on hand for check-in at the airport and inflexibility when customers miss the 45-minute deadline prior to flight departure, even though there were no agents to assist with check-in procedures. Other common complaints revolve around the strict and unclear rules regarding carry-on hand luggage, with a vast number of customers stating that they were forced to pay a hefty fee for bringing anything larger than a briefcase onboard the aircraft. Others were unhappy about being charged for a seat, waiting in line for extraordinary amounts of time, mishandled bags, and delays in flight arrivals or departures, most with little assistance or accommodation from airline personnel. Agents were consistently depicted as being rude and uncaring.

Reviews on of employment at Frontier Airlines give the airlines 2.3 out of five stars, based on 170 reviews, with the statistics updated on Sept. 29, 2015. Only 18 percent of current or former employees approve of the company's CEO, and 21 percent would recommend that a friend seek employment at Frontier.