What Are Some French Traditions?


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Many French traditions are centered around bank holidays, religious celebrations and civil customs, according to the official website of France. Easter (Paques) was a Christian holy day that has become a bank holiday. On Easter Monday, children search for eggs and are rewarded with chocolates. The Feast of the Assumption on August 15 is a civic holiday that began as a commemoration of the Virgin Mary's ascension into heaven.

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What Are Some French Traditions?
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Food and drink play an important role in celebrating French traditional holidays, explains Every Culture. Before a holiday meal, it is the custom to serve an aperitif. Different regions have characteristic types of aperitif. Pastis is the traditional aperitif in the south of France. Wine is the beverage of choice for meals - young teenagers typically drink wine diluted with water. Champagne is customary for special occasions. Coffee and a digestif usually follow a holiday meal that may last for three hours or more.

The traditional Christmas Eve dinner is elaborate and may include salmon, oysters, turkey and a cake named la buche de noel (Yule log). Many French people celebrate February 2, the Feast of the Virgin, with crepes. As of 2014, French people have increasingly turned to fast food because more women are working full-time, says Every Culture.

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