What Are the Four Corners of the World?

The four corners of the world is a phrase that is mentioned in the book of Isaiah in the Bible, but it does not list the actual four corners of the world, since the Earth does not literally have four corners. The Earth is a sphere shape, not a rectangular shape, and therefore cannot have four corners.

This is seen in cartography, which is the study of map-making and the measuring of the positions of various places.The history of mapping goes back more than 5,000 years. Maps are tools that are used to record the location of places of interest and to learn about the geography of the area being mapped.

When compared to modern maps, early maps differ in several important ways. First, the early maps often depict small areas such as a trade route, a hunting ground, a military campaign or a city rather than a state or country. Early maps were also pictorial in nature so when compared to modern maps they often look crude. This pictorial look was necessary because early map makers wanted to record the terrain and the features of the area. Another difference is that early maps did not have orientation rules whereas modern maps usually always have north at the top of the map. Lastly, modern maps are a reference document first whereas early maps were often a work of art first and a reference document second.